About EJC

EJC is an accounting firm established in Singapore in 2004.
It provides Japanese or Singapore clients mainly with the tax & accounting services.

Eric Tong, the founder of EJC, has a broad network in Singapore and has been successfully accumulating a number of achievements of tax & accounting advisory services. He has built more than 500 customer base and receives a high evaluation from his clients.

Takeshi Narita, a Japanese tax accountant, has more than 10 years of experience working in Singapore. He also has a good track record of achieving several high quality results, meeting with Japanese clients’ needs. Clients can receive the fulfilling and excellent services from him in Japanese.


The Services of EJC

EJC provides its clients mainly with the tax & accounting services.

Tax Declarations

We provide both individual and corporate clients with services for annual income tax returns.


Bookkeeping Services

We deal with cumbersome bookkeeping works for our corporate clients.


Corporate Incorporation Services

We deal with all necessary works for corporate foundations until the company registration for our clients.


Dispatching Directors and Secretarial Services

We dispatch local Singaporean directors, and also provide secretarial services by those who are resident in Singapore.


Visa Acquisition

We deal with applications for visa and the renewal services for our clients.


Advisory Services

We provide our clients with advices in the area of tax consultation, application services of subsidies, license acquisition, etc.



The affiliated audit firm of EJC takes care of the auditing services. The affiliated audit firm and EJC work together to ease our customers’ burden and to execute smooth and quality audits.

Due Diligence

We conduct audit and tax due diligence on M&A deals and capital alliances. We also deals with cross-border due diligence with Japanese entities.


MITA SECURITIES Co., Ltd. is a securities company established in 1949.
It has been accumulating its own know-how and business achievements by conducting various services, such as private banking, investment banking, and money lending businesses.

Since EJC became a subsidiary company of MITA SECURITIES Co., Ltd. in 2017, they have been working in close cooperation with support businesses of internationalization for Japanese companies and immigration to Singapore for Japanese high-net worth individuals.

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Collaboration of EJC and MITA SECURITIES Co., Ltd. enables to
provide our clients with a wide range of business services
which would be difficult to deal with only by EJC.
We provide our clients with the best services by utilizing each specialty area of
our Singaporean accountant, Japanese tax accountant, and Japanese securities firm.